Who We Are,

Munchyn is a new way to connect to the internet. Without cables and expensive monthly fees Munchyn allows you to connect at your favorite restaurants, hotels and retail shops without having to seek out a cell signal, you simply connect…and go! Founded by restaurant service vendors we noticed that the majority of sites we worked on had little to no public guest WIFI. Those who had it, usually had it password protected and those who didn’t well, didn’t go to great lengths to keep their networks secure. We know running a business is hard, and with the ever changing landscape of PCI regulations and POS requirements who can keep up. That’s where Munchyn comes in, with over 20 years of restaurant & networking experience we will separate your guest WIFI and make your customers count when they connect.

 For Users 

Munchyn will help you post, snap, or download almost anything and everything with a reliable signal from our remote towers. You won’t be left in the dark when it comes to texting or WIFI-calling either, as our signal is stronger than your local cable alternative. Want to stream? Munchyn gives you choices when it comes to how you stream your favorite entertainment service. Netflix, Hulu, Youtube TV, DirectTV, whatever you fancy, Munchyn will provide a fast reliable connection to keep you binging without the hassles of dead zones. 


For Businesses

 We will first perform a site survey to test the signal strength. Once our engineers determine you are within our “green zone” we will install a small receiver antenna on your roof and run the line to the space. From there you choose how powerful you want the signal to be and we’ll light it up. Don’t fret the bill, with our low monthly plans connecting to the internet has never been easier. As a part of our business package we will also run a cable to your POS or credit card terminal. In this day and age being down for even an hour costs you money and opportunity. Never go down again with the Munchyn Enterprise Solution.Whor