Why Munchyn

The Payment Card Industry  (PCI) compliance is very complex and can be very costly to hire experts in both managing and maintaining your networks, fom treat hunting and monitoring to physically and constantly inspecting hardware infrastructure on site can be highly dunting, and it is very important that you take it very seriously, because the penalties are very hefty in times of a catastrophic situation, therefore outsourcing you guest/customer network to Munchyn is a huge start.

Munchyn will host, manage and maintain your customer/guess network with features like branding your own page with the ability to communicate with your customers with newsletters, offers, events etc. depending on what plan you select, you’ll have the ability to switch to a backup secure network in the event that you are disconnected from your internet connection, we are limiting or totally eliminating traditional offline redundancy resulting to lost of sales or demand that your customers pay in cash, we helps you by letting you keep focus in other aspect of running your business.

We are also concierge friendly, that means if you are a hotel, motel, Airbnb operator, or any property that offer technology amenities to your guest, we can help you stay connected.

Full Support is all inclusive in both Enterprise and Concierge plan, ie phone and E-mail and E-mail support is also free for our Pro plan.   

Benefits of joining

Security: Out sourcing your guess network is the best way to leverage a zero contact to your main network by potential hackers from deploying malware or malicious script to capture credit card data.

Save time: focus on running your business while we manage and control your guest network.

Save cost: cut a chunk from you cable bill, with a powerful reliable system you are guaranteed almost 100% up time, with high bandwidth, there is nothing to worry about.

Marketing: stay connected with your customers, as we help you stay in touch with your customers, on your portal and on our platform, you are certain to reach Millions.